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Sonic leaves its mark @sxsw

Many thanks to UK Music team @TradegovUK and the organisers of @SXSW festival for inviting us to showcase such exciting emerging artists to an international audience of music industry and fans.
These partnerships have helped us expose artists at key moments in their careers supported by the reach of our music title @diymagazine.

Each event further grows our global media footprint, Facebook following alone is now over 250,000, and we look forward to other mutually beneficial music marketing partnerships with international partners over 2017.

DIY  Hello 2017 get PRS support

DIY Hello 2017 get PRS support

DIY , the music discovery media platform for a new generation, launches the Hello 2017 tour, to promote emerging artists across the UK. Headlined by the incredible Dream Wife, the tour has gone outside of London for the first with the help of PRS funding and is another step in our building  long term support for the next generation of headliners.Dream-Wife-Hello-2017-17012017-Emma-Swann-0F8A8351

DIY announces 2016 All Dayer

DIY announces 2016 All Dayer

DIY all dayerOn Sunday 2nd October, we’re putting on a massive 14+ party at Tufnell Park; DIY’s favourite bands are cramming into Boston Music Room – big names and some of the best fresh faces will share the same space, and everyone’s invited. Previous generations had their influencer brand (Melody Maker, NME, Smash Hits, Sounds, etc.) and, over the last thirteen years, DIY has become the music discovery media platform for a new generation of artists and fans who are passionate about music. DIY has now evolved from a magazine into a multi-channel discovery platform for artists to engage with their fans, with DIY Presents – our live platform – growing as a cornerstone to the programme. Starting with our new year ‘Hello‘ gigs, we have introduced all-dayers, and DIY are working with festivals, brands and industry bodies to give artists the support they need as they develop their fan bases – and bring a whole new ‘personal’ dimension to the Festival experience.

DIY & Jägermeister sign up Brighton trio for first ever Curtain Call

DIY & Jägermeister sign up Brighton trio for first ever Curtain Call

Committed to joining bands on their journey to the top, DIY is teaming up with Jägermeister to kickstart Curtain Call at the start of 2016; Curtain Call takes the ‘road to success’ literally by basing itself on the iconic Curtain Road, a hub of creativity in London’s Shoreditch.

Home to the some of the world’s best independent labels – Bella Union, Secretly Canadian, Wichita and many more – Curtain Road crams together music, fashion and culture, making it the perfect location for a new band to take their next step.

Brighton trio Birdskulls will be the first of three bands invited to record, rehearse, play and take their next step on London’s Curtain Road next month. You can be one of the best new bands around, but there are hundreds of hurdles to jump when it comes to taking a next step. Recording, making videos, playing gigs – the road to success is rarely an easy route. That’s where Curtain Call comes in.

First up, Brighton trio Birdskulls are getting involved. They’ll be given a hand to record a brand new track, get styling and PR materials and play an intimate show alongside a guest headliner in the confines of The Strongroom Bar. We’ll be joining them along the way, and that’s only the first of three shows… Curtain Call will also be taking over venues along the street in February and March, with bands making use of the amazing locations Curtain Road has to offer.

Stay tuned for more info and follow all of the action on #CurtainCall2016

Sonic Promoter Partnerships

Sonic Promoter Partnerships

Promoting live music is increasingly complex as the traditional music media landscape fragments and promoter turn towards rich content partnerships. DIY presents is a key touchpoint through the live stage, whether it be a local pub up to a major festival stage. DIY’s live presence is supported by the Magazine distribution at all the key touring music cities across the UK
Some of 2015 Promoter campaigns across the country include:
Regional co promotion local promoter – Now Wave, One Inch Badge
Regional Tour national promoter – SJM/ 13 artists, Oscar Breaking Tour
Curated promoter/DIY events – Roundhouse Rising,
Curated Label/DIY events – Wichita Label Birthday, Marina and the Diamonds Album Launch,
Festival media partnerships – Festival No6, Forgotten Fields
Festival integrated Partnerships (including stage) – Latitude, TGE, Live at Leeds, Sound City, Citadel, Field Day, Kendall Calling, Underground, Communities, Mirrors, Beacons, Liverpool Music Week
Brand Tours – Dr. Martens Stand for Something Tour

Dr.Martens Stand for Something Tour 2015

Dr.Martens Stand for Something Tour 2015

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In three years the tour has grown to 12 Cities, 27 artists, and 6000 miles covered in the delivery of 2015’s Dr. Martens Stand for Something Tour in UK and Europe. As the retail business expands, so new audiences come to enjoy the brand’s music activations – a core part of the international #standforsomething marketing strategy. A global strategy with a local execution.

Whether is a fully equipped tour bus or a crammed splitter van, Sonic provides a full project management service covering Artists, Venues, Ticketing, Performance, logistics, content curation, media amplification and reporting.

Antwerp to Stockholm to Paris, and Glasgow to Norwich to Belfast, Sonic’s team deliver a seamless package of interrelated skills and expertise to bring it all together, liaising with local management, and store staff, working alongside Head Office marketing teams, and their external advisers as necessary, to deliver the highest level of music activation, regardless of geography.

Follow the Tour here